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Level Mega
Type Ancient Beast
Prior forms Unipusmon
Quaggamon represents and named after the Quagga,an exstinct zebra that has been so for a short time.Quaggamon only attack when prevoked.In Rise of Warriorhowlmon Quaggamon is framed by Rikimon(Fan fiction/Rikimon for destroying Warriorhowlmon and is kept in his dungeons(Fan Fiction/Rikimon's Lair).


  • Zebra Stomp
  • Enchanted Light Hammer:A light hammer appears and flies around,attacking the Quaggamon's target or anything that attacks the Quaggamon.
  • Antient Light:A beam of light strikes Quaggamon's target.
  • Wingblade:Quaggamon's wings change to steel and then it dashes at it's target and hits it with it's wings,but the effect stops when the attack is finished.

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