Level Champion
Type Reptile Digimon
Attribute Virus
Prior forms MicroRavagemon
Next forms WarRavagemon
Partners Draco Mitsaki

Ravagemon is a fierce warrior but still fights like MicroRavagemon. Some of them feel like battling is all just a game. Its tail can break through solid steel.


  • Tail Whip: Strikes opponent with tail
  • Ball Lightning: Shoots ball lightning from its mouth, causing electrical damage.
  • Lightning Breath


Ravagemon X

Ravagemon X resembles Ravagemon,but has the Antibody Gem.It attacks without warning,so what it's next move will be is tough to notice.



Ravagemon's black form.It is savage and attacks anything it has a chance to defeat.
  • attribute:Virus
  • type:Reptile/Dinosaur digimon
  • Attacks
  • Dark Blaze:A dark blaze appears on the spine area,causing anything that touches it on the spine area to get burned
  • Tail Whip:transfered from Ravagemon
  • Digimon digivolves from:BlackMicroRavagemon
  • Digivolves to:BlackWarRavagemon
  • Other:Ravagemon

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