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"Rikimon" doesn't digivolve to or from anything.It is rather foolish and is the one that destroyed Warriorhowlmon in the first place.A mega,Rikimon wanted to take over the Digital World,but Warriorhowlmon's sacrifice stopped him.
  • Level:Mega
  • Attribute:Virus
  • Type:Dragon digimon
  • Attacks
  • Back Fire:Reverses fire attacks back to the source
  • Fire Blast:Breathes a blast of fire that cannot be dodged but can be blocked/parried
  • Magma Burst:Lava comes from in between it's scales and follows the target without stopping
  • Lava Claw:Attacks with claws after gathering energy to create a powerful fire
  • Appears in:Rise of Warriorhowlmon

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