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Level Ultimate
Type Dinosaur Digimon
Cyborg digimon
Prior forms Ravagemon
Next forms GreatRavagemon
Partners Draco Mitsaki
WarRavagemon looks like a huge Ravagemon with silver plating and spikes on the end of the tail.They aren't as savage as their black form,BlackWarRavagemon,but are honor mongers.
  • Attacks
  • Iron Tail:Strikes with spikes at end of tail
  • Electric Blast:A blast of electricity comes from WarRavagemon's mouth, striking the enemy with electrical energy

WarRavagemon X

WarRavagemon X
Level Ultimate
Type Dinosaur Digimon
Reptile digimon
Prior forms Ravagemon X
Next forms GreatRavagemon X
Partners Draco Mitsaki
WarRavagemon resembles WarRavagemon but has the Antibody Gem. It only attacks at full speed, meaning that it will slash through it's opponents in few milliseconds!
  • Attacks
  • Rage Spikes:Slashes at enemy with tail spikes
  • Thunder:Check MicroRavagemon X


WarRavagemon's black form.It is super savage.

  • attribute:virus
  • type:Dinosaur/Reptile digimon
  • digivolves from:BlackRavagemon
  • Digivolves to:BlackGreatRavagemon
  • Attacks
  • Dark Soundwaves:Hits the ground,causing harmful soundwaves to rise
  • Dark Slash:Slashes target with claws
  • Iron Tail:Transferred from WarRavagemon

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