FANDOM Mannamon's mega form.It may walk on two or four legs. It's attacks-wind claw,light rage and meteorite-are super powerful and can be used mattering on it's stance(standing and normal).Howlmon,Ancienthowlmon and Warriorhowlmon may have black forms,but no one is certain.

  • digivolves from:Ancienthowlmon
  • Attribute:Vaccine
  • Type:Warrior/Exalted Beastman digimon
  • Appears in:Rise of Warriorhowlmon
  • Attacks
  • Windclaw:read Howlmon(only usable on all fours)
  • Light Rage:It's back gets on fire made of light and any corrupted digimon that touches it gets hurt(usable in both stances)
  • Meteorite:A meteor hits the ground right where it's target is standing(only usable in defense form[standing on two legs])
    • Special editing thanks to:
  1. User:Dragonheart001
  2. Eryops3

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