(Note:Read Rise of Warriorhowlmon before this)

Quaggamon looked at the sky when he saw a Waspmon."Do this one on your own.I must conserve

my energy," Quaggamon exclaimed then flew off to the east."Ok,Leormon,use Leor Bite!"Jessie commanded.Leormon obeyed but missed."I wish you can digivolve now," Harry said to Ryudamon."I really do,too," Ryudamon replied.

"Let's do this!For us all!" Draco yelled when his digivice began to glow."MicroRavagemon

digivolve to...Ravagemon!" MicroRavagemon said."Time for some machine burgers!" he challenged. "Turbo Stinger!" Waspmon said,shooting a laser at Ravagemon.Ravagemon dodged to the left."Tail Whip!" Ravagemon shouted.Waspmon was unable to dodge and half of his body collapsed and disappeared.Soon Waspmon's other half turned to data.He was defeated in one blow!Ravagemon became MicroRavagemon again and jumped into Draco's arms."Let's not do that again," MicroRavagemon exclaimed.Draco was silent and motionless.

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