The Shadow Start

Johnny realized that the mysterious digi-egg has disappeared! When he is about to order Omnimon to search for it, a new digimon resembling a mini ball was on his bed with a great sword, when Johnny got the sword, the mysterious digimon digivolved to its rookie form: Shimidramon, a digimon exactly like Chibomon, but black and with 2 claw like arms.

After studying the digimon a little, Johnny haven't found nothing about it, then he said to his group that he was going to explorate a jungle alone with his digimon, which in the truth he was going to train Shimidramon. After some time of "exploring" the forest, a Sakuyamon appeared and tried to attack. Shimidramon used telepathy to say: "Let me destroy her!" , Johnny agrees and releases Shimidramon from the Digivice.

Shimidramon used his "Love for Destruction" attack and broke Sakuyamon's staff, cutting her powers. Then Sakuyamon quickly tried to attack with her punches, but Johnny quickly knocked her out by punching her chest with the "Shadow Obliterator", Shimidramon absorbs her data and automatically digivolves to Shadowdramon.

This new digimon is a Shadow Dragon digimon which can control the shadows, and even disguise itself as one. After he evolved to this form he lost his telepathy, but got the ability to speak. As they talk, they see a Okuwamon and ten Kuwagamon, Shadowdramon instantly launched his "Shadow Breath" and killed Okuwamon by absorbing his data. Seeing his power to OHKO a Ultimate-level digimon, the Kuwagamon try to run away, but Shadowdramon destroyed them by using his "Shadow Clone Kaboom"... as the day ends, they sleep peacefully, wondering in the surprises that the next day will bring.

-To be continued...

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