"The Shadow Start" Review

As Johnny was going to train Shimidramon, a Sakuyamon appeared to fight. Shimidramon and Johnny easily defeated her, and after absorbing her data, Shimidramon digivolved to Fan:Shadowdramon.

After some time, Johnny saw Shadowdramon's full power as he destroy an Okuwamon and ten Kuwagamon with 2 moves only.

The Insect Homeland

While Johnny and Shadowdramon sleep, a mysterious figure spies them for a second and then disappears, when wake up they notice that everything except Johnny's clothes and digivice, was stolen. Johnny, however, had hidden a camera inside a tree. They see that who stole them was a bunch of Shadramon and FanBeemon, and they follow the way to the "Queen Beehive".

As they reach there, they see tons of insect digimon, most of them FanBeemon. Johnny then materializes his BlackImperialdramon and Omnimon to attack the beehive. As an explosion is heard, tons of CannonBeemon, Shadramon and Butterflymon appear to defend their home. However, since both Black Imperialdramon and Omnimon specialize on Fire attacks, this wasn't problem.

Shadowdramon's "Shadow Clone Kaboom" was extremely useful as he could kill lots of digimon at once. When they reached the Queen Palace inside the beehive, they see that she is a legendary warrior: AncientBeetlemon! She asks why Johnny is attacking her hive, and then a mysterious voice says: "Because you're making me trouble".

And with the voice a RhinoKabuterimon appears, revealing that he is the prince of the beehive and he wants to be king soon, so he explains that all its part of his plan:

1) - Send my subordinates to stole Johnny.
2) - Johnny attacks the beehive and kill the queen, my mother.
3) - I am the new king!

But he told this BEFORE the queen dies, so instead of the queen, Johnny challenges the prince to a battle 1 x 1.

Johnny sends his Shadowdramon, which kills the prince with his "Shadow Breath". The prince's data was so great that Shadowdramon super-digivolved to Helixmon a powerful digimon that is fully made of metal that is... berserk?!?

-To be continued...

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