(リビユモン Ribiyumon)
Level Champion
Type Animal Beast
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Prior forms Fennemon
Next forms WereRiviumon

Riviumon digivolves only to protect weaker digimon under threat. Riviumon's mobility and power is usually enough to deal with wild champion-level digimon but if required it can digivolve further if necessary. Due to the increased combat capability Riviumon now longer needs large ears for precise hearing and to repel attackers, it can use its large claws to cut down unarmored digimon and its Piercing Cry to confuse larger digimon.


  • Phantom Strike
  • Berserk Claw
  • Piercing Cry

Riviumon Line

  • Riviumon - Champion
  • WereRiviumon - Ultimate
  • MasterRiviumon - Mega
  • GrandMasterRiviumon - Burst Mode
  • DexRiviumon - Riviumon + DexDorugamon
  • KnightRiviumon - Riviumon + KnightChessmon (Black)
  • DreadKnightRiviumon - Riviumon + DexDorugamon + KnightChessmon (Black)
  • EclipseRiviumon - DreadKnightRiviumon + Mega Digivolution

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