RoShaBomon is a Machine digimon. Its name is derived from the japanese version of Rock, Paper, Scissors ( Roe, Sham, Boe).

It's  body (which, like Mamemon, is also its head) represents rock, it's  hands represents paper and the rockets on his back represent scissors. It is usually seen playing with Mamemon.

Digimon Champions

RoShamBomon can be obtained by DNA-digivolving Starmon with TDBallmon or Guardromon. It is Ultimate level and can digivolve to TonosamaMamemon. It can DNA digivolve with MameTyramon to make Spinomon with RoShamBomon as the base, or DinoRexmon with MameTyramon as the base, or with Kokuwamon to make CatchMamemon.


Paper Punishment - slashes the opponent with RoShamBomon's axe-like hands.

Scissor Inferno- launches the rockets on RoShamBomon's back at the foe, which then explode. They then reappear on his back.

Strike- transforms into a bowling ball and launches itself at the foe.

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