(とどろき Roarmon)
File:PQAAAFDbUCpOAPBtVx-3K4-KZqFHm7EEjgnvm lIKTUcLHuEZKLG4zekZG8U-HxutfVNUZyPUBzNBNS2b20deyG35gIAm1T1UG3ZzmhI6Cd7RCOAsB9LjVbtrUVj.jpg
Level Rookie
Type Dinosaur Digimon
Small Dragon Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Unknown
Next forms Fan:OmegaMechaRoarmon
Partners Fan:Jaden Narukame

Roarmon An unknown Digimon who is quoted in a forgotten legend (Roarmon this is the rookie digimon). He was found inside a cave in the Mountain View. Legend has it that he is as strong as the Royal Knights, perhaps stronger than the actual alphamon. King Drasil, fearing his power imprisoned him within sight of the mountain near the village of Yokomon. The digidestined (Digimon Adventure 1) did not realize that to fight with Meramon. Roarmon then called someone who had the Digisoul compatible with his, ae entering Narukami Jaden.(tradução do google e dose baixem o lingoes no baixaki).


It seems an ordinary human being, but is actually a digimon. Brings up wings from his back.


cutting fire:Summons a ice sword.

cutting ace:Summons a ice sword.

handle elemental:speaks the name of an element and hit the enemy

among others who will divulge yet.