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Ronan Kiely
(ロナン Roonan Kairī)
Appears in:Digimon: Demondestined
Digivice(s):Gluttonous Digivice
Age 14
Grade 2nd year
Gender Male
Known relatives Vincent (Older Brother)
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Older Brother
Unnamed Older Sister
Occupation DigiDestined

Ronan is one of the two digidestined pulled into the Digital World by Beelzemon. He is partnered with Impmon.


He is the first digidestined to meet a digimon. He first meets his partner Impmon when him and Peter were pulled into the Digital World. Ronan, Impmon, Peter and the other digimon,excluding Tsukaimon, free Sean, Diana, Eric and Rachael from ShadowLeomon's prison. Ronan is the sixth digidestined to access his D.N.A. charge and digivolve Impmon to his champion form.

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