Level Rookie
Type Holly love
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms olmon
Next forms Ronolomon[1]
Partners Andrew rachmatedy

RONMON is a Rookie Level Holly love Digimon. His name "Ron" because ron from ran word. Ronmon's appearance is based on a PC rabbit; the Eye's on his head is the hypnotys eye's, and his Haven't foot,,,but he can jump,junp,junp,and jump.

Digimon in Andland

Main article: Ronmon (in Andland)

Digimon World DS

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Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

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Digimon World Championship

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  • Blue Ray: Using his eye's to build Ray and take his skin and can make a blue ray.
  • Glue Arrow: His secret to put the golden leave.
  • Horn Fight: Ronmon Do to Open his horn and the horn have Ligth to Fight enemy.
  • Head Attack: The Ronmon Head can Attack Every things.
  • Bold Hypnotys:He hypnotys with eye's on his head

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