Ulforcevdramon re

Artwork of RoshiRyumon by Yokufire5

Level Mega
Type Dragon Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms GinRyumon
Partners Fan:Hibiki

RoshiRyumon is a Dragon Warrior type Digimon its armor is made out of Digizoid and its sword is made out of data from all dragon digimon and the strength of its sword multiplies when a virus type digimon is defeated its lone wolf nature hasn't changed from when it was a Fan:GinRyumon and its courage has not faded from when it was a Fan:SenshiRyumon and its fighting spirit is still high from when it was a Fan:SentokiRyumon and its loyalty is as great from when it was a Fan:DokoRyumon and its elemental power are still strong from when it was a Fan:YojiRyumon but its will to fight for all digimon of good has grown and will fight until darkness is gone it never stops fighting dark virus digimon and the sword it fights with gains endless power with each dark digimon defeated its courage and leadership is great and is willing to fight for all good digimon when a digimon such as UlforceVeedramon its courage to fight is greater when it fights as a team.


  • V Dragon:the V on its chest glows Brightly and covers its whole body in the Elements of Nature and charges the opponent with its saber Forward
  • Dragon Soul: Charges all its energy into its Dragon Saber and Slashes a wave of energy that can takes out waves of opponents
  • Rapid Slash: Rapidly slashes at opponent.
  • Frozen-Flame jab: Slashes at the opponent with a saber that is half-flaming, half- frozen.
  • Courageous Light: A Heavenly light surrounds RoshiRyumon and heals him.
  • Final Dragon: A gigantic ball of green light form the power of all dragon Digimon forms in the palm of his hand and is thrown at the opponent this uses all his Energy.
  • Dragon Guard: a Shield is produced From its Dragon Bracelet
  • Aura Shield: A shield made of the power Elements around him forms around him.