Level Rookie
Type Reptile
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters

Nature Spirits

Next forms Malzamon

rozamon was created by an HiAndromon and Barbamon trying to obtain the power of omnimon. They Merged the dna of a Agumon and a Gabumon together with a DigiCore taken from a Megidramon. After its creation barbamon planed to it over to Ogudomon so it could corrupt it with darkness but it escaped.


rozamon wears a long, flowing, and silky robe with Red sleeves and a sky blue torso.rozamon has long tapered ears that bend about one-third of the way along their length. The claws on its hands and feet are a bright red, and its eyes are yellow with slits for pupils.


  • Hawk Blue - Releases a stream of blue and red ice-like flames from its mouth.
  • Spitfire Punch - Rapidly punches at the enemy with his fist then Shoots an orange and red fireball of varying strength from its mouth.