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rozamon was created by an HiAndromon and Barbamon trying to obtain the power of omnimon. They Merged the dna of a Agumon and a Gabumon together with a DigiCore taken from a Megidramon. After its creation barbamon planed to it over to Ogudomon so it could corrupt it with darkness but it escaped.


rozamon wears a long, flowing, and silky robe with Red sleeves and a sky blue torso.rozamon has long tapered ears that bend about one-third of the way along their length. The claws on its hands and feet are a bright red, and its eyes are yellow with slits for pupils.


  • Hawk Blue - Releases a stream of blue and red ice-like flames from its mouth.
  • Spitfire Punch - Rapidly punches at the enemy with his fist then Shoots an orange and red fireball of varying strength from its mouth.

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