This is the last episode of the first section of Digimon: X and Y.


After Ruki and Takeru end up on an isolated island, they run into Angemon. He explains that their friends are in trouble with Mokumon on Zephyr Mountain. Kumimon digivloves into Alfamon and finds a path to the peak. They see their friends battling themselves out, trying to defeat Mokumon. Ruki wonders to herself if she'll ever make Kumimon go Ultra. Just then, Kumimon explains that she proves herself worthy of the Crest of Caring. Kumimon then Turbo-digivolves ( a jump from Rookie to Ultra) into Tsukimon. She uses Moon Shuriken on Mokumon and finally defeats him.


Magmamon--> SparkGreymon--> Cindermon Toxicmon--> Plantdramon --> Weedmon SilverHogmon--> VoltKnightmon--> SparkHogmon Kumimon--> Tsukimon-->Viximon MageHogmon--> BurstHogmon-->SpellHogmon

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