Rushmon X4

Rushmon X4

Type Composition
Prior forms Rushmon + Beatmon + Tangomon + Treblemon

Rushmon X4 is a composition Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Rushmon Cross Four". It is a miraculous form called "Victorious Mode", born from Rushmon, Beatmon, Tangomon, and Treblemon's(Gospelmon's) powerful desire to gain absolute victory. Its monumental power is nothing but enforcing this conviction. That power is tremendous, and it isn't mistake to count it as one of the strongest Digimon. Its main specialty is in battling above the skies, and it wields the "Treble Sword"(Gospel Sword).


Burning Treble Crusher(Burning Gospel Crusher) Quadruple Victorize Quadruple Victorize Mega Power Triple Impact Mega Atmospheric Blast Bonemerang Burning Treble Slasher(Burning Gospel Slasher)