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Ryudamon is one of the main characters of the upcoming fanfiction, Digimon Fontier: Legacy


This Ryudamon is the partner of Fan:Eric Renaud. Details about his past are that Eric came to the Digital-World and they became partner. Later Ryudamon digivoled to Ginryumon his champion form to fight Seadramon. After that fight Eric and him became best friends.


Tokomon t

Tokomon is the In-Training form of Ryudamon. He became him after losing control of his Ultimate form Hisyarumon.


Ginryumon b

Ginryumon is the Champion of Ryudamon. He first appeared when he and Eric battle Seadramon.


Hisyaryumon b

Hisyarumon is the Ultimate form of Ryudamon. After losing control as him Ryudamon came back as Tokomon his In-Training form.


Owryumon b

Owryumon is the Mega form of Ryudamon.

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