Ryudamon b
Partners Sean Sky

Ryudamon is the Digimon partner of Sean Sky. Ryudamon is a fun loving, adventure seeking Digimon who loves to hang out with his partner and bash in the faces of evil Digimon who Bio-emerge into the Real World.


  • Katana Attack: Hee jumps at the enemy, firing iron blade projectiles from his mouth.
  • Helmet Reversal: He deflects his enemy's attack with his armored helmet using the power of his DigiCore.

Other Forms

The name "Ryudamon" refers to only the Rookie form of this Digimon. However, the In-Training form remains as the most common and preferred form, due to the fact that it would be suspicious to walk around town a an orange furred dragon wearing samurai armor.


Kyokyomon b

Kyokyomon is the In-Training form of Ryudamon. Kyokyomon is a dragon Digimon. His only attack is Metal Straw.


  • Metal Straw: Stretches out and then fires an iron spike from its mouth.


Ginryumon b

Ginryumon is the Champion form of Ryudamon. Ginryumon is a armored dragon Digimon. Hee attacks with great strength. His strongest attack is Metal Armor Blade.


  • Metal Armor Blade: Fires a spear of iron from his mouth at the enemy.
  • Battle Rod Break: His tail lights up and Hee hits the enemy with a strong iron tail.
  • Dragon's spirit: Ginryumon summons a dragon demon to attack


Hisyaryumon b

Hisyarumon is Ryudamon's Ultimate form. Hisyarumon is a Chinese-dragon Digimon. Hisyarumon is a very strong Digimon with powerful attacks. Hisyarumon's strongest attack is Legendary Dragon Blade.


  • Legendary Dragon Blade: Morphs himself into a giant blade and attacks.
  • Every Direction Wheel: Wraps himself around the enemy while shooting energy blasts.
  • Dragon Breath: Sends a breath of fire to destroy his enemies.


Owryumon b

Owryumon is Ryudamon's Mega form. Owryumon's strongest attack is Immortal Dragon King Blade.

  • Immortal Dragon King Blade: Fires an attack from the Gairyū Sadaijin and Gairyū Udaijin.
  • Golden Armor: Rampages like the earthflow of a mighty river, tearing everything to pieces while charging the opponent.
  • Dragon Summon: Summons a dragon demon possessed by the power of fire.
  • Dragon's Darkness: Summons an eternal darkness, where several dragons will attack.