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Level Mega
Type Legendary Zodiac
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Vaccine Digimon + Digi-Egg of Bull(♉)

SaintTaurusmon is a Legendary Zodiac Digimon whose name are derived from Saint and Taurus. He's one of the Ecliptic Saints and symbolize the power of Taurus/Bull. He has very similar design with Bullmon, but has bigger body size with silver-colored hair and axes or blades around his armor. There's a symbol of Taurus on his cape. It is said that to get a pure-heart SaintTaurusmon, two Bullmon were forced fighting each others and the winner evolved into SaintTaurusmon. His best friend among the Ecliptic Saints is SaintSagittarimon.


  • Horns Stab
  • Blades of Hope (Blades of Justice)
  • Bull's Stomp
  • Zodiac Power:Flame of Justice
  • Zodiac Power:Bull Judgment

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