Title Scaly Reliability
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Reliability
Partners Brittani

Sakanamon is the eighth Armor form achieved by Hakumon. Its name and design are derived from “sakana,” the Japanese word for “fish.” It has a pattern of red, brown, and gray scales on its body. Sakanamon is an aquatic digimon, but it is able to remain on land for long durations if necessary. It does this by “swimming” through the water vapor in the air. Humid environments are the most likely places to see a Sakanamon do this. However, this digimon prefers to stay in the water where it can grow to be quite large. A blue scale appears on its forehead.

First Appearance

After Haku's previous battle, his body was severely damaged due to using a fire-based attack while in a plant-based form. He rested for a night and the next day, he went with Matthew, PrimitiveAgumon, Brittani, and all the villagers to find the Digi-Egg of Reliability. It was found sitting on the surface of a lake, so Gomamon used his Marching Fishes technique to create a bridge to the Digi-Egg. When a WaruSeadramon attacked, Matthew and Brittani used the Digi-Egg to save Gomamon and the villagers who were unable to fight in the middle of the lake.


Scale Shower- covers the opponent in layers of scales, restricting its movement in order to make it more vulnerable

Pure Water- a unison technique with SeaGreymon. Sakanamon causes water to swirl up around the opponent, then SeaGreymon uses Grey Soaker to collapse the water spiral onto the opponent.