Level Ultimate
Type Beast Man
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Volpemon
Next forms Saninmon

Sakuramon is the Ultimate form of Renamon after it has Digivolved to Volpemon. It excels at stealthy operations and can avoid being detected if it so desires. It knows how to throw weapons with deadly accuracy, and it is well stocked for battles that require it to throw lots of sharp things. It loves cherries, moonlight, and sitting by ponds or lakes.


Sakuramon now has pink fur, along with a black genji outfit and red sash around its waist. On the tips of each of its digits are neko-te, hard metal "fingernails" that have been dipped in poison. On the back of its outfit is a pink cherry blossom symbol. On its hip and on both legs it has holsters strapped which hold weapons such as kunai, shuriken, and tanto (more like regular knives than kunai).


  • Moonlight Blossom - Throws fistfuls of sakura petals into the air, imbuing them with moonlight energy; the petals then ignite into blue flames and are thrown at the target
  • Magic Blade Storm - Imbues various ninja weapons (kunai, shuriken, tanto (knives), etc.) with celestial energy, then runs around the target at a high speed and throws them
  • Venomous Slash - Uses the neko-te on its fingertips to slash at the target.