Sakuyamon is a Mega Digimon of renamon's last stage in her Transformation that can only happen if Rika and Renamon bio-merged in order to create Sakuyamon. Sakuyamon is a Tall Female in her early 30s or 20s, she has the ability to convey the "will of the Gods" but truthfully i don't know if that's true or just made up. Sakuyamon wears a Gold plated breast plate, shoulder pads, Boots, gloves and a Gold slender helmet in the shape of a Fox and her Belt has fox head logo located wear the belt is snapped in place. She has long grey hair that is tied in a pony tail individual making 3 long pony tails on the back of her helmet, Her lips and the bottom part of the nose are visible but the eyes and ears are concealed under the gold Fox mask.

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