SampTwomon digivolves from Sampmon and is a Ultimae level digimon with as much power as SkullGreymon.However it is not very smart.It is basicly like Sampmon but bigger and more powerfull.

SampTwomon's Partner:Brandon Robinson.

SampTwomon's Appearances:Bayneemon warp digivolved to SampTwomon in order to save Brandon from IceDevimon In Digimon Tales.

SampTwomon's Attacks: Mimictree(Mimicry Hats):Uses the last attack the foe used and then hides itself under 1 of 5 magical hats made of tree roots.Bombes r under the 4 it isnt in. Overloader Evening Flash(Overloader Tackle):Blinds the enemy with a blink of light and then slams into them at full power and speed.

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