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Level Champion
Type Dino-Beast Digimon
Attribute Unknown
Family Virus Busters

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Seitamon
Next forms Maladramon

Samudramon is the champoin level of Seitamon.


Samudramon has a simular body type as Omnimon but stands at 5 Feet. It wears its robe of Red and Black, but now the hems of the sleeves have the symbols of a Holy Ring stitched in black on the Red fabric that dominates the first two inches of the sleeves.


  • Brust Cannon - Creates a small orb of light and fires it at the foe
  • Dragonforce Striker - Batters a foe with a fury of punches then shoots out blast of Black fire in the form of the Digi-Hazard.

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