Samuel Joo's collections were Samuel tamed/join the teams then Samuel will be Digimon Master in Xros War.


He's is the leader of the Samuel's Digiteam who fell into a real world by Mervamon rans and looking for her brother. His partner Mailbirdramon, Peter, Asuka, SkullScorpiomon and Deckerdramon to formed Greymon X6. As he digivolved into Fan:SuperGreymon, he also used DigiXros like his previous digivolution. His movements are Nova Breath and Silver Strike. As he digivolved, his old movements is evolved into new form movement of Giga Burst and Dragon Roar Claw.

Greymon's DigiXroses

His partners can transformed into weapons or hybrids.


The DigiXros of Greymon and Mailbirdramon. His movements are Giga Blaster, Armed Gun and Superior Bomber. His Other DigiXros are used with Deckerdramon (DeckerGreymon), Asuka (Greymon X3, current) or SkullScorpiomon (Slingclaw Mode).

Greymon X6

The DigiXros of all six main Digiteams. He can used his movements Rapid Mega Burst, Asuka Thunderbolt, X6 Kick and Triple Laser Destroyer.

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