Level Champion
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Karimon
Next forms Shinedramon

SantoRyumon is the champion level of Karimon, and as such it is a very holy digimon. SantoRyumon are considered to be the emissaries and ambassadors for the High Dragons, such a Goldramon and Magnadramon, to the rest of the digital world. With a strong sense of justice, it won't back down from a challenge of honor.


SantoRyumon has a long body, only possessing two forelimb and no legs, with two sets of luxurious white wings on its back. It still wears its robe of sky blue and sunny yellow, but now the hems of the sleeves have the symbols of a Holy Ring stitched in black on the gold fabric that dominates the first two inches of the sleeves. Around the bottom of the main robe at regular intervals are the nine Crests, each stitched in in their trademark colors (Courage: orange; Love: red; Hope: yellow; Light: pink; Friendship: navy blue; Reliability: white; Sincerity: green, Knowledge: purple; and Kindness: lavender). SantoRyumon has retained the pink color of its predecessor (only this time, they're pink scales), as well as the two head-wings. Its claws just barley poke out from the sleeves of its robe, but the claws on its digits are razor sharp.


  • Crest Cannon - Creates a small orb of light with a random crest on it and fires it at the foe
  • Vaccine Wings - Batters a foe with its four shining wings to erase all harmful data in its system
  • Golden Claw - Slashes at the foe with claws turned gold by holy data


  • "Santo" is Italian, meaning "holy" or "sacred"
  • "Ryu" is Japanese, meaning "dragon"
  • SantoRyumon have displayed the ability to speak Italian (perhaps owing to their name).