Level Rookie
Family Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Seedmon
Next forms Petalmon


Troiamon (Digi Egg of Willpower)

Partners Akira Ren
Sapmon is a rookie level Ancient Plant Digimon. It resembles Lalamon, but with two bulbs sticking out of its back and two vines coming out from its sides with bulbs attached. It inherited ancient Troiamon's power and has the power to armor digivolve. Its partner is Akira Ren.

Debut in Fan: Digimon Digital Masters

Sapmon first appears in ep 1 when Akira is transported to the digital world by Homeostatis, along with thousands of other people. He meets Sapmon, his Petalmon that degenerated into Sapmon. SApmon becomes his partner digimon for the rest of the series.

Attacks and Techniques

Seed Gun- Shoots seeds out of its bulbs

Sap Syrup- Leaks sticky sap out of its back bulbs