Sara McCracken
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Family: Shane McCracken(Brother)

Sara McCracken is a main character in the fanfic Digimon Academy. She is loyal to her companions and will faithfully follow them. She can be independent also, and hates to see injustice.

Her digimon partner is Ryudamon who she met in the human world. He was sleeping behind some boxes in an old warehouse she was in. She had prevented her former gang leader Derek from killing someone when he turned on her; Ryudamon woke up and saved her from getting shot. She hugged him in thanks and that was when she got her black and gold D-arc. After that, she packed her bags and headed off on a boat to Digimon Island to attend Digimon Academy.


Sara has short, frizzy, black hair cut to her chin. She is kind of tall and has pale skin. She wears a black shirt with a light gray vest with sleeves ripped off and baggy long shorts with black straps on them and a black bullet belt with a silver skull buckle on it. Her boots are calf high boots with little chains attached to them and she wears black fingerless gloves with reinforced knuckles.


She is loyal to her friends and has a strong sense of justice. This can be exampled in chapter ninteen, Battle of the Megas, where she forced the group to return to help Dorugamon.


Ryudamon b

Ryudamon (Ryu)

Sara's partner digimon who is very loyal to her. He is usually very laid back.

Other Forms

Fufumon b


Fufumon was shown in chapter eight, The Fresh Digimon, he becomes this form for when he takes his pysical.

Kyokyomon b


Kyokyomon is Ryudamon's In-Training form. It was shown when he first entered the island.

Ginryumon b Ginryumon is Ryudamon's champion form,he first appeared in chapter 27.


Black D-Power with a gold circle and strap.

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