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Title Serpent of Dementia
Level Ultra
Type Gigantic Chimeric Dinosaur
Attribute Unidentified
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Giganodramon (Mega) + Argendramon (Mega)

When the imminent resurrection of an unholy enemy had began to show signs of happening, his creations began to reappear in the Digital World... but not in the way many remembered them. Instead of two Ultra Digimon which each lead three individual Megas, the eight Crest Dinosaurs were recreated out of dementia as eight Champions, two of which being the more dominant Giganodramon and Argendramon. With the eight champions pairing up and combining into four Ultimates, and then those four Ultimates forming into Mega Level versions of Giganodramon and Argendramon, the adaptations on Gigandramon's head and jaws allowed for it to absorb the remember of its abilities by eating Argendramon whole, and thus forcing an unholy Jogress Evolution into Saryiadramon. Considering it is the composition of eight different types of Dinosaurs in the form of eight Digimon which in turn represent the Crests of the original eight Chosen Children, it is highly believed these long thought extinct Digimon had rebuilt themselves because their remnant data had detected the return of their master in the foreseeable future. Based off of the nicknames of Giganodramon's prior forms and their destructive, reckless behavior in the process of trying to collect its other counterparts into a singular being, it had been dubbed the "Serpent of Dementia" by those who had tried to stop this monstrous Digimon's rampage. Much like Death-X-mon, however, the unforeseen recreation of this Digimon had left out a DigiCore, meaning this creature technically isn't a Digimon... although it does seem to give off small fragments of seven other DigiCores which can be heard crying in agony as to their forced fusion into this unholy beast.


  • Demolition Breath: Opens his jaws to where he first exhales volcanic ash, then ignites into fire, which then condenses into a thinner, violet fire beam which can shred through not just the strongest of Chrome Digizoid, but also creates a massive weakness on Saryiadramon's head and neck region because of the fact it causes heavy internal damage on the jaw and neck that leave this region of the body barely held together by muscle.
  • Demolition Rods: An attack that becomes usable after the body becomes wounded to the point various, singular Demolition Breaths begin to emerge from Saryiadramon's back and secondary mouth on the tip of its own tail. At this point, when Demolition Breath is used, it near immediately becomes Demolition Rods in practice.

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