Sasuke Sarutobi
(猿飛 佐助 Sarutobi Sasuke)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Noriaki Sugiyama,
Junko Takeuchi (young)
(En:) Yuri Lowenthal,
Laura Bailey (young)
Digivice(s):Black/Violet Digivice Scan
Black/Violet Digivice Scan Burst
Trait(s):Bird ( Tori?)
Digimon Forms
MegaRavemon Burst Mode
Age 16
Grade 10th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation DigiDestined
High School Student
Aliases The Black Knight

Sasuke Sarutobi was firstly introduced as the main antagonist the fan series Digimon Adventure: Digitalize, but later became one of the main protagonists.


Sasuke is a student in Odaiba High School, he is in homeroom with Kamichi, Sakura, Tai, Matt, and Sora. He was born into the Sarutobi clan, a family of trained ninjas, and was trained in the art of ninjutsu. He excel at academics and athletics like Kamichi, because of this, both him and Kamichi are known as "The two princes of Odaiba High". He is secretly the Black Knight, a "Digidestined" who was hypnotized by the Seven Great Demon Lords into thinking that if that he served them, they'll bring justice to both worlds.


At first, Sasuke has a cold attitude and is disrespectful to everyone around him, except Falcomon. (Similar to how Kishi treat Gaomon). But after he was freed from Daemon's mind control, he became a little bit kinder, similar to how Ken Ichijouji felt after the Dark Spore left his body.


Sasuke appeared as a faired-skinned young man with messy dark-colored hair and black eyes. When he appears as the 'Black Knight, he wears a black suit of armor with a black cape.

Digimon Forms


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Ravemon b

Ravemon Burst Mode

Main article: Ravemon Burst Mode (Digitalize)
Ravemon Burst Mode b


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