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The strongest demon lord due to the fusion of the 7 Great Demon Lords, he has the wings an chains of Belphemon, the Beelzemon Berenjenas in his belly, his head an face covered with a black helmet with horns, Lucemon simbol on his chest, in his left arm he has the Decay arm of Lilithmon wielding Barbamon's cane, in the right he has a Seraphimon arm (due to the holy middle-part of Lucemon), and the splitted tail and strenght of Leviamon.


- Dead or Alive: The same Lucemon's attack. - Hell fire Chains: he cover his chains with infernal fire that covers a circle of 1 mile of diameter, anything inside is burned to ashes. - Arm of Doom: anything that touches Satamon's body dies instantly (Except Seraphimon's arm).

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