Level Mega
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire

Virus Busters

Prior forms Aldiyamon

Satriamon is the fully digivolved form of Rozamon. It holds a strong resemblance to Gallantmon Crimson Mode, except that Satriamon's armor is made from White Digizoid instead of Red Digizoid. It holds the sword Zantetsuken in its left hand and the lance Chromaggia in its right.He is beilived to have the same power of omnimon.


Satriamon is outfitted in White Digizoid armor that is trimmed with Gold Digizoid. His helmet bear a resemblance to Gallantmon's, except for the colors (white and gold instead of white and red). His lance, Chromaggia is made of Chrome Digizoid, while his sword, Zantetsuken, is made of Black Digizoid.


  • Coupé Lancé - Focuses energy into the tip of Chromaggia, and then thrusts it into the foe's Digi-Core
  • Judgment Blade - Uses Zantetsuken to slice completely through an opponent and their armor
  • Full Metal Breaker - Flourishes his sword "Zantetsuken" to slash and smash the enemy then Spurts an icy blow from his mouth
  • Razzia - Charges forward and uses Zantetsuken to create a tear in the opponent's defenses, and then stabs Chromaggia into the opening.
  • Sword of Ruin - Creates a ring of energy around himself which causes a large explosion.
  • Spiral Saver - Spins upwards in a very short tornado within a fire tornado.


  • "Zantetsuken" is Japanese, and means "iron-cutting sword"
  • "Chromaggia" is the name of a bird with an arrow tied to its wing in an Italian opera piece by the same title