(サンマモン Samwamon)
Title The Young Prodigy
Level Ultimate
Type Reptile
Attribute Data
Family Dragon´s Roar

Sauromon is a mighty Digimon whose name and design are derived from "saurus", the latin word for lizard. It is Lizardmon and Tuataramon´s younger brother as well as Lacertiliamon´s twin and aspires to become as powerful as its eldest siblings. Like its older brother, it has the potential to employ cunning ideas and carries a scepter divided into four blades at both of its ends, all of which are vertically and horizontally placed. It is strong enough to hold its own and overpower almost any Digimon. Similar to its elder sister, it is a master tactician and planner. Like both, it values honor, courage and fairness. It is persistent and will fight until it beats its foes. It masters the element of light.


  • Saurian Roar: Lets out a loud scream from its mouth which dissolves the opponent´s data from the power of its shockwave.
  • Reptile Aura: Surrounds itself in a gigantic version of a lizard that glows very brightly and dashes into the opponent, going through and eliminating it.
  • Full Scale Raid: Fires all the scales that cover its body, swooping through multiple foes in a single shot.
  • Final Claw: Slashes the foe with its strong claws and annihilates its data.
  • Light Star: Fires an orb of pure light at the opponent and destroys them with a huge explosion glowing as bright as the sun.

Unison Attacks

  • Union of the Great Four: Sauromon, Tuataramon, Lacertiliamon and Lizardmon fire a combined assault with all of their energy, generating a blast that no object can withstand and no living being can survive.
  • Lightdark X/Darklight X: Sauromon and Lacertiliamon simultaneously swing their scepters, creating an "X" of energy that tears apart anything it touches and that is strong enough to distort gravity.