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(セイバーズモン Saversmon)
Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Holy Knight Digimon
(En:) Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Prior forms IceWargreymon
* (W/ BomberGururumon)
+ (W/Digiegg of Miracles)
Next forms Susanoomon
Partners None yet

Saversmon is a Mega Level Holy Knight Digimon. He is a digimon that has a heart burning for justice, and will not rest until all evil is vanquished. However, he is a Digimon that was never meant to be, and his fusion is imperfect. If he takes too much damage in a battle, he could combust and consume an entire planet from the energy overflow. Therefore, in a fight, no Digimon fights as cautiously as him.


  • Magna Fire Cannon: Launches holy fire bullets from his Magna Cannon. These burns foes both in their souls and on the atomic level. It can completely erase an entire mountain range with a single uncharged shot.
  • Shining Crystal Sword (Grey Sword): Slashes with his shimmering Crystal Sword. Can be used to reflect attacks, or to freeze his foes at temperatures below absolute zero.
  • Erase Thread: Wraps his enemy in a continuous fire stream from his Magna Cannon then sends freezing energy from his Crystal Sword. A digimon would have to be ten times as strong as Saversmon to survive this attack, but he reverts to the in-training stage as he's using it, so any miss would be a fatal mistake.
  • Ultimate Uppercut: Uses his blade to send the enemy in the air then repeatedly blasts them with his cannon.
  • Sword of Ruin: Cuts himself deep with his Crystal Sword, causing him to explode, killing him instantly and taking out the planet he is on to the atomic level.
  • Singularity Wave: Creates a small black hole and launches it out of his Magna Cannon like a RPG.

Variations / Subspecies

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