Sally Mujaki
(小百合無邪気 Mujaki Sayuri)
Sayuri "Sally" Mujaki
Digivice(s):Navy Blue and White D-Power
Age 16
Date of birth May 17 1997
Grade 10th
Gender Female
Known relatives Akira Mujaki (Father)
Hoshiko Mujaki (Mother)
Takeru Mujaki (Younger brother)
Hinata Mujaki (Younger sister)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Digidestined, Student

Sally Mujaki (小百合無邪気 ({{{2}}}) Mujaki Sayuri?) is a fictional character in the Fan Fiction Digimon: Coming Full Circle. The Fiction takes place in the Digimon Tamers Universe, with Sally being a few years older than the Main Characters.


Sally looks like an average teenage girl, with light turquoise eyes, brown hair, and fair skin tone. She wears a blue cheongsam, though hers is just a top, and not a gown like the traditional Chinese cheongsam. She also wears a black pleated skirt and a black jacket. The jacket she always wears, but when it's not needed, she ties it around her waist. Sally likes to wear finger-less blue gloves, though it's more a silly fashion statement than anything. She also wears tall near-black boots that stop just below her knees.
The dragon necklace Sally wears is a precious heirloom, having been in the family for many generations.


Sally and family live in a house in the mountains, their house being between modern and traditional styles. This distance from town, though, causes the entire family to take longer-than-usual commutes. Her father, Akira, works as a Video Game Designer for a fairly large company, while his wife, Hoshiko works as a nurse in one of the Hospitals. This requires both working quite much, and with the commutes, they spend little time with their children.
While Sally's younger siblings, Takeru and Hinata, are watched by nannies, Sally lives in High School Dorms in the city. When not studying, in school, or spending time with friends, Sally actually quite enjoys long walks in the park.

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