Scaledramon is a fan made Digimon created by Scar34

Level: Rookie

Digivolves From: Fan:Xeniamon

Digivolves To: Fan:Reptinomon

Type: Vaccine

Scaledramon is a long, slender Digimon wearing a red bandana, blue jeans and red face paint. He has a long whip-like tail and large blue eyes. His claws are exeptionally long and provide good grip while climbing up walls. This Digimon is very cunning and unlike Fan:Xeniamon very devious. He also wears a blue headband. He protects his headband and bandana with his life, asvthey were a gift from Fan:Reptinomon. He has incredible speed and also has te power to turn invisible so he makes a very good escaping Digimon. Scaledramon also has a great sense of smell and hearing.


Crushing Grip: Scaledramon squeezes the opponent very tightly.

Mega Claw: Scaledramon slashes opponent mercilessly with his claws.

Invisibility Ray: Scaledramon uses his invisibility power offensevilly.

Scale Storm: Releases all his scales and reveals his digi-core, which makes the scales explode at foes


1. Scaled is a large crocodilian monster from starian mytholigy.

2. Scaledramon was originally called Gripdomon.

3. Scaledramon is just a reflection of its Digi-Core, so it can turn invisible by making its form chang into a small shadow.

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1. APassingStranger

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