Sean Sky
Sean Face
Appears in:Fan:Multiiverse Chronicles: Backup Tamers

Fan: Multiverse Chronicles: The Chosen Three

Fan: Multiverse Chronicles: Flame and Thunder Replaced

Partner(s):Fan:Ryudamon (Multiverse Chronicles)

Fan:Renamon (Multiverse Chronicles)

Age 14
Date of birth Jan 30th
Grade 9th
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Multiverse Warrior

Sean Sky has been at the whole "Digimon" thing form a while. He and his friends Doran Paradox and Lucas Typhoon were first called into it by Fanglongmon to help out DATS members Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein, Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda, and Keenan Crier protect the Real World and the Digital World.

All three of them were gifted with a Digivice.
Sean Digivice IC

Sean's Digivice (Data Squad)

and were told that they would find their partners in due time. Sean's partner Digimon was being pursued by Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda and her partner Lalamon by order of DATS. The Digimon hid behind him in order to evade the human and her Digimon partner. His partner turned out to be Renamon. Then, a Shellmon attacked Yoshino, but was stopped by Sean and Renamon. Eventually, Sean unlocked his D.N.A. and had Renamon Digivolve into Kyubimon to assist Sunflowmon in order to take him down

The next time Sean and his friends were pulled into the Digital World, they were greeted by the Digimon Sovereigns. Fanglongmon told them about the coming threat, known as the D-Reaper. Sean and friends were gifted again with a Digivice, this time it was a D-Arc. The three of them were then transported to Shinjuku, but were split apart in the process.
File:Sean D-Arc.png

Sean landed in the park area and was met by a Goblimon who tried to kill him. Sean was able to fend of the rouge Digimon and thought that he had taken it down. He walked away, but was stopped by Rika and her Renamon. Goblimon got back up and then went flailing after Renamon. Eventually, Goblimon managed to Digivolve into Fugamon, who was defeated by Renamon quickly. Sean then dissappeared and went to find his friends.

Sean met up with Doran later on in the day and went to Lucas, who was on the roof of the local Card Shop and already had his partner Digimon, Babydmon. After that momnet, the Digi-Eggs in both of the remaining D-Arcs hatched. Sean's hatching into Kyokyomon, and Doran's hatching into DemiVeemon.

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