Level Hybrid
Type Fairy
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits

Deep Savers

Prior forms Fan:Geromon

Selkiemon is a fanmade Fairy Digimon created by User:Blossom49451. Its name is derived from the mythical fairy like creature Selkie while its design is based loosely off of the famous manga and anime character, Sailor Moon. Selkiemon cares deeply about the ocean and all aquatic life. So much in fact if it sees anybody threatening its friends or polluting its home, it will use its staff Aquarina and harness its power to purify polluted water areas and attack enemies.


  • Aqua Prism Power- Uses Aquarina to purify any polluted waters.
  • Bubble Blast - Summons a storm of powerful bubbles to pelt the opponent.
  • Raging Whirlpool- Creates a whirlpool after spinning around at high speeds and then launches it at its opponents.
  • Jet Stream- Surrounds itself in a torrent of water and launches itself at the opponent at high speeds.
  • Twin Torrents- Blasts two streams of water at the opponent from its hands.
  • Sonic Scream- As the light glows from its two eye like accessories, it releases a loud high pitched scream at opponents.