Level Champion
Type Dragon Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms DokoRyumon
Next forms GinRyumon
Partners Fan:Hibiki

SenshiRyumon is an Honorable Dragon-type who fights with Warrior-Type digimon to defend the digital world. It has a cold heart and relentlessly attacks its enemy. SenshiRyumon's personality has changed from when it was a DokoRyumon. It will do whatever it can to destroy evil digimon. SenshiRyumon has a tough, brave, and an serious side when around friends but it has a kind side when around DokoRyumon and SentokiRyumon and he helps them get stronger. SenshiRyumon usually fights evil digimon and he tries to purify his home world that is filled with these digimon. It absolutely hates to lose to evil digimon. It can't control its anger for Virus type digimon and sends out a blast that destroys anything in its path such as trees and mountains. After this happens, SenshiRyumon will Become exhausted. It has a divine hatred for Virus-Type digimon and it does not stop attacking them until they are destroyed or until they are so weak it cannot harm anything or anybody. SenshiRyumon is a Honorable digimon and is Rivaled with ExVeemon. SenshiRyumon carries a sword made of Chrome Digizoid that it can use to slash, stab, and destroy anything. Its shield is able to either absorb an attack and shoot it stronger or it can reflect the attack away. SenshiRyumon hates to be awoken from its sleep because it dreams about a peaceful world, free of evil digimon. SenshiRyumon is often misunderstood as a rash and cruel digimon, though it is not. It secretly wants to provide a better world for the future SenshiRyumon but itself, will never admit this.


  • Knuckle Rush:Attacks the opponent with a rush of punches
  • Dragon Destroyer: The Sword of Dragons glows green and he rushes at the foe, slashing them repeatedly and then hits the enemy with The power of dragons
  • Scale Reflector: Holds up its Shield of Miracles right before an attack hits and either sends the attack back with more force or bounces the attack away wildly.
  • Raging Dragon: Blast a Beam From its chest resembling a Dragon at the opponent
  • Light of the Sky: A beam of light shoots down from the sky and surrounds SenshiRyurmon. This move heals him and makes him stronger.