Artwork of SentokiRyumon by yokufire5

Level In-Training
Type Dragon Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms YojiRyumon
Next forms DokoRyumon
Partners Fan:Hibiki

SentokiRyumon is a Combat Dragon Digimon whose name and design are based off a martial arts fighter and the words (戦闘機リュウ). SentokiRyumon is an avid sleeper who dreams about fighting and beating its enemies. Whenever it loses a battle it silently cries and abandons fighting for while to train with SenshiRyumon and will come back and fight that enemy again. Although, when it beats its enemies it dances happily but helps the enemy back up. Even though it doesn't get along well with DemiVeemon, it is said that they must Fight together at least once to fulfill its destiny. It has holy power inside of it, but it only comes out when it is in extreme danger. SentokiRyumon is very courageous and has the Potential to digivolve into a powerful digimon.


  • Ryu-Head Butt: Slams its head into the foe.
  • Ryu-barrage : Throws a flurry of punches that leaves the enemy in a daze.
  • Ryu-Break spin: Spins on its head like a top and hits the enemy with a flurry of kicks.
  • Ryu-Cannon: Releases a green energy blast from its mouth that severely damages its opponent. This move takes up all of SentokiRyumon's energy and usually makes him pass out.