Level Champion
Type Robot
Attribute Vaccine
Family Machine Empire, Virus Busters
Prior forms Dronomon
Next forms Arsenalmon
Partners Zac Techika

Sentrymon is a robotic digimon based off a Sentry who wields a Rocket Launcher it never puts away.

Sentrymon is the evolved form of Dronomon, who looks like a more teenage form of the little robot, due to it's build and arms and legs being bigger, lankier and longer. It can no longer strech its arms, but still retains its Combat skills, and now has a rocket launcher.

Like Nymphmon and Bandimon, it is like an older version of its previous form, however unlike them, it is unable to use some of it's previous abilities, rather than passing them to its current form.


  • Warning Shot:The user launches a rocket from it's rocket launcher, missing. It is unclear if this is a real move, or if it is a "glitch".
  • Meta Combat
  • Fire Missle
  • Meta Kick
  • Mecha Roundhouse
  • Mecha Smack Down