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Sheriff (Seraphimon)
(シェリフ (セラフィモン))
Seraphimon b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
Dot Falcomon

Sheriff can be a bit perplexing at times. At a lot of odds, both he and Flare are often the only Digimon of the Enju's tamed Digimon to be intelligent enough to take care of himself. This proves to be true when Enju becomes ill one day and both Flare and Sheriff have to take over with managing the DigiFarm for a day, all the while the two of them continue their training as well. Much like Flare, Sheriff degenerated from Angemon back into Tokomon in-order to evolve into Dot Falcomon to acquire a special ability, much like how Flare did the same regarding Dot Agumon. By temporarily evolving into Dot Falcomon, he gained the ability to increase the speed at which he and Enju's other Digimon can train and grow stronger. Out of all of Enju's Digimon, he is the first of her Digimon to achieve Champion Level. He has also shown a very caring side to the other Digimon, though very platonic in feeling. This unintentionally causes Flare to believe Sheriff is hitting on her, but Sheriff clarifies that he doesn't truly feel romantic emotions at all like some other Digimon would. He doesn't explain exactly why this is the case, but the most common answer he gives is that he believes as an Angemon-species Digimon (or relative of them as only Angemon and HolyAngemon apply for this spot) that this would be below him to experience such emotions.

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