Level Mega
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms Koymon
Partners Red Thorpe

Serpemon is the Mega Digivolution of Koymon through use of the Silver Wild Token.


Serpemon is a giant sea serpent Digimon with an ornate ice helm and somewhat of an orange beak upon his upper jaw. He has webbed spines along his back, has his Wild Token at the end of his tail and can grow up to one quarter of a mile in length. He is colored a bluish green and his scales allow him to withstand large amounts of damage.


  • Frost Lure: His lure-shaped Token tail glows icy blue and he strikes his enemies with stupendous force
  • Atlantic Tsunami: Serpemon leaps out of the sea, bringing forth an enormous wave with him
  • Crystal Rondure: An frozen orb of diamonds is launched at the enemy