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Serpentinemon is a evil Digimon which name and design are derived from a serpent.It has got two silver-red blades on its arms,purple-silver skin color,two silver steel horns,which are arranged like some kind of helmet to protect its damageable head,and a silver tail.Furthermore it is able to fly with its tiny wings,and it's a very strong fighter and totally fearless.It's nearly the opposite:everybody fears Serpentinemon because of its cruel red eyes and dark-flame-breath.It plays an important role as a friend of Fan:LightningEvomon and enemy of a Fan:Fish-Digimon-Nation.


Serpent Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:Sproudmon

Created by:Seraphimon222


Dark Flame:Grey and purple Firebreath.

Devil Blades:Strikes its enemy with its blades twice.

Claws Of Fear:Attacks the enemy with it claws.

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