Setsuna Matsuda
(松田 刹那 Matsuda Setsuna)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Ayahi Takagaki
(En:) Brianne Siddall
Digivice(s):White/Green Digivice Scan
Trait(s):Ice ( Koori?)
Age 10
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

Setsuna Matsuda is one of the main protagonists of Digimon Adventure: Spirit Warriors. He possess the powers of the Warriors of Ice.


He is the youngest of the newest group of the Digidestineds. He is a bit of a crybaby, he looks up to Yukimura as a big brother. T.K. Takaishi talks to him a lot, because he was like him once.


He has short brown hair and green eyes.


His personality is that of an independent person, he tries to become more dependent on himself more throughout the series.

Digimon Forms

As the Legendary Warrior of Ice and wielder of AncientMegatheriumon's legacy, Setsuna has the ability to turn into Digimon forms which grant him enhanced strength and durability.


Kumamon t
H Spirit of Ice b

Kumamon is Setsuna's Human Hybrid form which he undertakes when he spirit evolves using the H Spirit of Ice. Kumamon's powers lie in his ability to either freeze things or turn himself into malleable ice, and he wields the "Romeo" launcher.

Kumamon is a Beast Man Digimon and a Champion-class Hybrid Digimon whose Japanese name and design is derived from the fictional Zaku II and whose English name and design is derived from the bear ( kuma?). It is equipped with "Romeo", a launcher which can fire different types of snowballs.


  • Crystal Breeze (カチカチコッチン Kachikachi Kocchin?, lit. "Frozen Tinkling"): Blows an icy gust from his mouth to freeze his opponents.
  • Frozen Tundra (ツララララ~ Tsurararara~?, lit. "Icicle La La~"): Attacks by turning into an icicle or other forms of malleable ice.
  • Blizzard Blaster (Snow Bomber): Fires frozen snowballs from his "Romeo" launcher.


Korikakumon b

Korikakumon t

B Spirit of Ice b

Korikakumon is Setsuna's Beast Hybrid form which he undertakes when he spirit evolves using the B Spirit of Ice. Korikakumon has raw strength on his side, wielding the "Eji" and "Oji" axes.

Korikakumon is a Beast Digimon and an Ultimate-class Hybrid Digimon whose English name is derived from "Ice ( Koori?) and Ikkakumon" and whose Japanese name is derived from "blizzard". It is the Legendary Beast Warrior of Ice.

Korikakumon has two tomahawks, named "Eji" and "Oji". It attacks while calling out the name of its intended attack, and its perkiness allows it to advantageously advance in battle, despite the fact that it is an easily elated Digimon.


  • Avalanche Axes (Avalanche Step): Summons his "Eji" and "Oji" axes and attacks using them.
  • Frozen Arrowheads (Gletscher Torpedo, Deu: Glacier Torpedo): Wraps the arrowheads on his braids around an enemy, holding them in place.


Daipenmon b

Daipenmon is a Cyborg Digimon and a Mega-class Hybrid Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Big" ( Dai?) and Penmon or the penguin, as well as a hand cranked kakigōri machine. It is the Legendary Fusion Warrior of Ice, also known as the Fusion Form (融合形態 Yuugou Kantei?) in Japanese media. It wields the "Kakikaki-kun" popsicle swords.


  • Ichigo Death (イチゴデス? lit. "Strawberry Death")
  • Blue Hawaii Death


AncientMegatheriummon b

AncientMegatheriummon vg