Seven Great Angel Warriors
General information
Founder: Celestial Digimon (under the orders of God)
Intentions: To serve God & protect the Digital World

The Seven Great Angel Warriors (七大天使戦士 Nana Dai Tenshi Senshi?) are a group of Angel Digimon who each represent one of the seven heavenly virtues. They are based on the seven archangels mentioned in Enoch I (the Book of Enoch). They are Angel Digimon who were chosen by the Celestial Digimon under the command of God to protect the Digital World from dark threats, such as the Seven Great Demon Lords, their archrivals & evil counterparts.


Digimon Crest Virtue Archangel (Vice) Spirit Planet Color Level Alternates
XW-22 19 01
Humility Gabriel Pride Bagramon b
Michamon fanart
Kindness Michael Envy
Ragumon Temperance Raguel Gluttony
Ramimon Patience Ramiel Wrath
Raphamon Chastity Raphael Lust
Sarimon Charity Sariel Greed
Urimon Diligence Uriel Sloth


Each of the Seven Great Angel possesses a unique "Crest" (紋章 Monshou?) (or Crests) displayed in one of the ten colors of the visible spectrum. Each depicts one of the ten attributes of the "Sephirot". Each attribute is associated with a heavenly body, also depicted on the Crest(s).


Sakkakumon b

Sakkakumon is the Super Angel Warrior (超天使戦士 Chō Tenshi Senshi?), bearing all ten Crests, derived from the Sephirot, & digivolves from the Seven Great Angel Warriors.