Title Servant of the Death Lord
Level Mega
Type Death Minion
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Nightmare Soldiers
Dark Area
Next forms Goddreamon

Shaddreamon is a Legendary Digimon known for serving Goddreamon is as much numbers as there are Nagadramon. Where Nagadramon serve in the Dark Area, Shaddreamon serve in a more secluded area called the Dreadnought, where Goddreamon's castle lies and gravity is virtually non-existent. It's power as a Mega is not anything special, but when you consider the fact it uses the same swarming technique as Nagadramon and Terranadramon do, it soon becomes a vicious fighter. Once a kingdom becomes too big a Shaddreamon is ousted and given the ability to digivolve to Goddreamon.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

1,000 of them are faced in a password quest involving Goddreamon, and they'll still spawn in the Dreadnought zone normally even after that. They are the fasted Digimon in terms of Speed growth rate, but once they digivolve into Goddreamon at Level 99, they acquire the lowest Speed growth rate. Ironically, though they are also enemies in the Dreadnought, all other NPCs in the same zone other than Goddreamon are all Shaddreamon, with some of them having shops hidden around the place. They sell equipment and farm goods for Dark and Mutant Species Digimon.