ShadowStormmon is one of two fusion results of Fan:LightningEvomon and Fan:HolyLightmon.There is a 50 percent chance that the two Digimon merge to this form,otherwise they merge to Fan:HeavenStormmon.ShadowStormmon is a cruel flying Dinosaur Digimon which wants the total destruction of all good things in the world.The skull on its head fires powerful attacks,furthermore the Digimon has got long arms which can keep its enemy far away from its sensitive body easily.However,ShadowSormmon can't fly very fast with its tiny wings and it hasn't got many enemies,because every Digimon fears its evil black head with the skull.


Dinosaur Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:LightningEvomon+Fan:HolyLightmon (Fusion)

Created by:Seraphimon222


Tail Knock-Out:Powerful attack with its tail.

Skull Fire:The skull on ShadowStormmon's head fires black cannon balls.

Red Electricity:The skull on ShadowStormmon's head shoots electric rays out off its red eyes.

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