Shadowdramon Shadow Mode

Level Champion
Type Shadow Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Shimidramon
Next forms Helixmon
Partners Johnny

Shadowdramon is Shimidramon's champion level, and can further digivolve to Helixmon. It can control the shadows of the digimons to confuse and attack the enemies, he can also create clones of himself, cutting temporarily his powers. It hates humans a lot, as much to destroy them every time that see some.

When it become weak, he enters into rampage, raising its power to a level that can match even mega level digimon. He can also cloak itself in the shadows, to escape battles or to spy enemies.

Rise of the Shadows

After absorbing a Sakuyamon, Shimidramon digivolved to Shadowdramon. Shadowdramon appears at the second episode defeating some insect digimon and the insect prince RhinoKabuterimon, which made he digivolves to Helixmon.


Shadowdramon is a snake-dragon that is purely formed of shadow, it have huge sharp wings that let he attack and cut his opponents, and small claws that can enlarge its size. It also have a big beak to drill the enemies before eat them.


Shadow Serpent: Transforms itself into dark matter and attacks the enemies, destroying their soul.

Shadow Clone Kaboom: Creates clones of itself that explode after enveloping the enemy.

Shadow Breath: Charges a huge amount of dark energy that it converts into a black energy. If hits successfully, degenerates the enemy digimon into a digi-egg.